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Southern Energy Network joins with group of organizations in condemning Florida voter suppression bill

Students working with the Southern Energy Network registered over 2,000 young voters in Florida in 2010 – and our ability to register voters in future FL elections is under attack.  SB 2086, due to be voted on today in the Florida State Senate, would limit student voting in a number of ways, including:

  • Preventing students from being able to change their address at the polls;
  • Reducing the early voting period; and,
  • Introducing new and difficult regulations for any group working to register voters.

This bill will have a direct impact on our ability to register voters in Florida in the 2012 elections and into the future, as well as our ability to effectively turn out students to vote.  This in an unacceptable and dramatic attack on the ability of young people to vote.

UPDATE: The Florida Senate passed the bill 25-13.  The bill will now go back to the House, which passed a different version.



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What …Duke Energy bought the Legislature??

Well not quite, but its not far from the truth……

Thursday (February 5, 2009), five North Carolina groups released a major new report detailing the statewide candidates and elected officials who have benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions in North Carolina by Duke Energy’s political action committee (PAC) and its top executives.

The report is a comprehensive analysis of State Board of Elections data covering the period January 2005-November 2008.

The new report reveals multiple donations from Chairman/CEO Jim Rogers and about two thirds of Duke’s senior executive team. The contributions were made as Duke Energy sought favorable state action on a host of fiercely debated energy matters, including approvals for a new Cliffside coal fired power plant; approval of Senate Bill 3, which shifted much of the risk of building new power plants to the  consumer; a possible nuclear plant just across the border in South Carolina; and the “Save-a-Watt” scheme the company touts as a tool to promote energy efficiency but which critics call a consumer rip-off that does very little to reduce demand for electricity.

You can read the report from the website.

This report shows tangible evidence of same political influence peddling. In such a time as this where we should all be looking towards the future and real solutions to climate change & the economic crisis, Duke Energy is still looking backwards and working within old frames of thinking. You are seeing the maturing advancement of another major student lead movement as more and more people are seeing the economic and ecologic benefits of efficiency and sustainability. There are billions that could be invested here in North Carolina if the political & corporate will was not so short sighted. Young people have the future to lose. We will & are fighting back – at the Capitol, in Raleigh, in the districts, and at the front steps of Duke Energy.

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