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UCF Makes the Trek to Tallahassee to Say NO to Nuclear in Florida

UCF Students think families and local businesses shouldn’t have to pay for nuclear reactors, especially when there are safer renewables available that do not produce radioactive waste. So, at 4:30 a.m. this past Tuesday, they left Orlando to go to the Public Service Commission Early Cost Recovery hearing. The PSC heard expert testimonies all week to determine the prudence of Progress Energy and Florida Power and Light charging consumers to recoup capital costs for their proposed nuclear reactors.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), the Office of Public Council, and PCS Phosphate are all intervening in the case. Their witnesses testify that early cost recovery is not sensible and that the reactors aren’t even necessary. Peter Bradford, former Chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, one of SACE’s expert witnesses, testified that our slumping economy is reducing the demand for electricity for the first time in decades. Citing rising costs for materials and an increasing shortage of laborers with the skills to complete these projects, he concludes that the risk the utilities are asking their consumers to bear is just too great. The PSC is scheduled to make its ruling October 26, 2009.

If you think the utilities should keep their hands out of your pockets with their risky investments, make your voice heard! Tell the PSC you do not what to fund Progress and Florida Power and Light’s risky business. Urge them to read the expert testimonies offered by Peter Bradford and Arnie Gundersen that cite hard evidence that the utilities cannot justify the request to raise rates for these projects nor can they ensure that ratepayers will get anything in return for their investment.

Here’s how: Use the info below to contact PSC and reference Docket #090009,:
• PSC Contact page:
• Local Consumer Assistance Line: 1-850-413-6100

• Toll Free Consumer Assistance Line: 1-800-342-3552

• Toll Free Fax: 1-800-511-0809

UCF is Serious About Not Paying for Risky Nuclear

UCF is Serious About Not Paying for Risky Nuclear

Check out Jessica Burris on Bay 9 News!


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They say FACES. We say farces.

this does not equal this

Gone are the days when environmentalists had only to worry about the dirty energy lobby taking our politicians on luxury cruises or using “greenwashing” to trick consumers into believing that products are environmentally friendly. No, the bad guys can’t just stop at buying out our politicians and our message, they have to hijack our tactics too. Exit grassroots. Enter “Astroturf,” a PR ploy disguised as a spontaneous grassroots effort. It may not be a new tool, but it seems to be all the rage right now. Suffice to say, things are getting dirty, as if Big Coal and Big Oil  weren’t dirty enough already.

To kick off their efforts to perpetuate the petroleum industry in response to new climate legislation coming from Congress, a group called Energy Citizen held a rally in Houston to fight back. Or did they? Says Climate Progress: “Despite signs and T-shirts, the Houston rally of more than 3,000 people – which was sponsored by a group calling itself Energy Citizens — actually had a boatload of funding and logistical support from the oil and gas industry, according to an American Petroleum Institute (API) memo leaked late last week by the environmental group Greenpeace.” Click here for the full article.

The coal industry has chimed in with their own citizen front group as well: the  Federation for American Coal, Energy and Security  or FACES.  My question: who exactly are these people anyway? Grist tried to find out, but upon emailing the only contact on FACES’ website, which listed no funders or members of the group, their inquiry bounced back. You can check out the full article here.

As a grassroots organizer, I have always taken comfort in the idea that there are two major forms of power: money and people. The bad guys might have the former, but when we come together, we’ve got the latter. My question: how do we keep it this way? Watch what real activists did in North Carolina.

— Rebecca Van Damm

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UCF Thinks Clean Coal is a “Die-in” Matter

Friday, November 14, 2008

GreenPeace amd RAN called for campuses across the country to hold a Coal Day of Action. The Eco Advocate’s of Central Florida at UCF responded.

On Friday, around 11am, we suited up for a theatrical display. Three of us laid on the ground, in a “die-in” fashion, all bloody and dirtied up with signs propped against our lifeless bodies that gave facts regarding coal mining and it’s effect on health and the environment. The rest of us were manned with flyers explaining the truth behind clean coal. Awareness was spread on companies that finance the coal industry and a petition was passed around asking Bank of America, a bank with ATMs and a branch on UCF property, to discontinue financing the coal industry. Our wonderful Coal Representative, “Coal B. Stinky”, informed people of the “wonders” of clean coal and how clean it really was. She offered coal (which was really charcoal) to passers-by and some were actually taking it!

We had a great time with this action. We passed out over 650 flyers and sparked up some very interesting conversation with those in need of more knowledge on the subject. Some opposing minds began to change and question the reality of clean coal after our demonstration. At the end of the action, we all headed to the Reflection Pond, in front of Millican Hall, the building that houses our high-level administration. We took a group picture with a banner that read “Coal is NEVER Clean” and sent it, along with our petition of over 60 signatures, to Bank of America.

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Georgia Students FTN Video

 check out this awesome video about the FTN lobby day that Georgia students put together when over 50 of them descended on the capitol to talk about global warming and dirty energy in Georgia.

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Georgia Students Focus State’s Attention on Climate and Coal

Georgia’s History of Denial Fuels Youth Action

Atlanta Focus the Nation

Since September, the Georgia legislature has been hosting hearings on the credibility of global warming science entitled “Global Warming: Fact or Fiction”, in which the legislature continues to conclude; “There are too many opinions out there to draw any conclusion on the subject.” Students and youth are taking leadership on the issue, which is lacking in large portions of the state’s legislature and utility companies like Georgia Power and Southern Company (both of which actively lobby against the Nation Renewable Standards).


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