Southeast Power Shift Recruitment Kick-Off Call a Success!

February 1, 2011 at 7:57 pm Leave a comment

Last Wednesday we hosted the first of many bi-weekly Power Shift 2011 Southeast Training Calls. Young people from across the South (South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida) jumped on the call to feel the regional solidarity and excitement around going to Power Shift 2011!

On the call we emphasized the date change: Power Shift 2011 will be happening April 15th – 18th in Washington D.C. at the Convention Center. We also started the conversation off with our top three tips of what you should be doing in your community and/or campus.

1.       Build a core group and Sign up as Campus Coordinators!– try and get at least four people so you can divide and conquer housing, fundraising, recruiting and travel!

2.       Set goals – How many people do you want to bring and how much money will you raise?

3.       Start building the buzz with Facebook events, posting flyers on campus, and  holding kick-off meetings!

We realize one of the biggest barriers to getting tons of folks to Power Shift 2011 is money, which is why we wanted to start the bi-weekly call series with a fundraising training! To help us all, our Development Assistant, Kelsea Norris, was kind enough to join us and give everyone some really strong tips and best practices around fundraising.

Kelsea’s top 5 quick tips:

1.       Think big and move beyond the bake sale: There are many “out of the box” ways to raise large sums of money! Student Government, Local Businesses or Organizations, and restaurant or bar percentage deals.
2.       Just ASK, and ASK EVERYONE: if you don’t try, then you’ll never get anywhere.
3.       Create a budget and a plan with goals.
4.       Get Creative: use to ask friends and family for support!
5.       Use the EAC Fundraising toolkit:

After Kelsea gave us her amazing training, a student from the University of Alabama, Adelaide Abele, told her personal success around raising $3,000+ for other environmental initiatives and events in the past. Her pointers include:

  • Try to connect with the people/group – personalize your ask.
  • Because of time crunch; shoot for the big groups and big donors!
  • Don’t write people off because you assume they are not interested.
  • Follow-up, follow-up, ALWAYS FOLLOW-UP!
  • It’s scarier, but more lucrative to meet with someone face-to-face.

To finish up the call we asked youth from across the South to give us some ideas of what they are going to do to raise funds for Power Shift 2011. Here are some of the great ideas:

  • Build a fake jail: Get professors, community members, students and/or administrators to commit to sit in a fake jail until their bail is met.
  • Sports tournaments
  • Asking local non-profits for sponsorship, like the local Sierra Club and Audubon chapters.
  • Garage sales: Getting stuff donated and then sell it at a fundraising sale!
  • Singles Auction: a great opportunity for coalition building! Think through influential groups like athletics, Greek life, or Student Government.
  • Work with local businesses: bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.
  • Student Government funds

If you missed this call, don’t worry! We will host these calls every other Wednesday with a different training each call! Every call is designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to rock Power Shift. Our next call is February 9th at 8:00PM ET. We will be focusing on recruitment, so you’ll have the skills to get a ton of folks on your campus or in your community excited and registered for Power Shift. Look out for the next Facebook event!


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