Hey North Carolina: Let Wind Energy Define our Decade

March 17, 2010 at 5:42 pm Leave a comment

Today, I found out the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows North Carolina is among the world’s top climate offenders… North Carolina pours out more carbon dioxide from fossil fuels than 186 entire nations. This is not a problem to blame on “China and India…”  this is a domestic problem.  However, today kicks off two weeks of action in which young people in communities across the country start discussing how they want to Define Our Decade with clean and renewable energy.

As part of the weeks of action, we’ll have a NATIONAL VOTE to determine how much clean electricity we want and think that we can collectively achieve in the next ten years, and* take back “clean” energy on our own termsThen we will Declare Our Decade by holding public events to share our visions with our representatives and the world.

Why this matters: Southern senators and congress persons in Washington, DC are currently failing to lead us out of our economic and environmental crises, and our North Carolina representatives continue to be swayed by polluting interests. Most importantly, Define Our Decade represents a point in time when young people will stand up and lead our country towards a cleaner future. Young people today have a unique experience and a unique voice. We know the consequences of failing to act to stop Global Warming are significant. We know the solutions will not only help fight Global Warming, but will revitalize our economy, create good jobs for us and put us on the road to building sustainable communities.

So what are we doing? We have come together across campus boundaries and are showing our unity in support of responsibly developed wind projects, strong energy efficiency programs on campuses, and beginning to raise the issue of sustainability in our communities by opposing new coal fired power plants and calling for the decommissioning of old ones. We want responsibly cited, clean renewable wind energy for Western North Carolina.

Take action right now by:

  • Contacting your State representative and tell them that you support responsible wind development in Western North Carolina.

Here’s a quick and easy talking point: Responsible wind development will support jobs and sustainable development as well as bring in new industry and economic development to North Carolina.

A new Elon University poll shows North Carolinians overwhelmingly favoring solar and wind energy. More good news young people are mobilizing across the state in support of real energy solutions!


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Define Our Decade: Events Across the Country Kick-off Efforts to Define It With Clean Energy On World Water Day, Recognizing the Water and Energy Nexus

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