Your Voice Needed! Make a Call for Climate

March 2, 2010 at 5:14 pm Leave a comment

This week, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was quoted in the New York Times, saying, “I have been to enough college campuses to know if you are 30 or younger this climate issue is not a debate. It’s a value.” (Source: The New York Times)

Pat yourself on the back, because this is a victory for Southern youth! When you’re done, get ready, because we need your voices again.

We expect a new climate bill to be introduced in the Senate some time in the next week, and if we don’t take action, this bill could stall and get lost as Senators start campaigning for re-election. To keep this bill moving, we need YOU!

Click HERE to make a phone call.

The Southern Energy Network is partnering with the Clean Energy Works campaign to help create a groundswell of support for climate solutions in the next 3 days.

It’s called 72 Hours of Clean American Power. For the next 3 days, we need as many people as possible to call in to your Senators, tell them who you are, where you live or attend school, and why you support strong climate legislation. If you’re in South Carolina, you can even thank Senator Graham for his commitment to climate legislation!

The best thing you can do is to make a phone call today, and ask your friends and family to make a phone call by Thursday, March 4.

Click HERE to use our cool, easy online calling tool. This tool saves you calling charges and helps us track the phone calls we’re generating in to Senate offices.

Your voice matters. These next 72 hours matter. Please join us!

For our climate,



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