Hey Obama! Let’s Win The Tip Off!

November 17, 2009 at 10:35 pm Leave a comment

This past Sunday, The New York Times wrote about President Obama publicly stating how the Copenhagen climate negotiations will not be as far reaching as expected. It seems Copenhagen, instead of producing a much needed legally binding climate treaty, will be a promise to continue working toward “politically” binding agreements. In other words this new development is a stall of action, pushing real action on climate backwards.  We the clean energy youth, all need to push for forward momentum. This forward movement is what Copenhagen and federal climate action has the potential of producing.

Jessy Tolkan, one of many leaders, within the youth climate movement responded, referring to President Obama’s recent action as a “delay of game.” President Obama and the US Congress’ lack of reach around global and federal climate action simply shows that dirty energy will continue to win the tip off every game.

Moving towards a clean energy economy here in the US will show leadership at Copenhagen and future global climate negotiations. As the youth environmental movement continues to grow and vote we need to maintain pressure on our elected officials around clean energy and climate issues. The 2010 elections are just around the corner and our voice needs to be louder and stronger than ever!

President Obama said “yes we can” and provided us with “hope”. Our generation will continue to say “yes we can now!” and push for “hope” to become “reality”.  If Copenhagen does in fact become a delay of game then federal clean energy policy becomes even more important. The US must show leadership, the lack of US leadership is a large reason for Copenhagen potentially turning into a delay of game.

That being said we cannot give up! We still need a final push to finish out the game in 2009, we need to tell President Obama, The United States, and the world that young people want a clean energy future now! Copenhagen should not be a delay of game, let’s work hard as a team to win the tip off, and push our top player number 44 to step it up, It’s Game Time Obama!


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