Days of climate action across the South

November 2, 2009 at 8:11 pm 2 comments

Recently sponsored a day of International Climate Action and what an amazing day it was!!!!

“On 24 October, people in 181 countries came together for the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet’s history. At over 5200 events around the world, people gathered to call for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis.”


See some of’s 19,000 photos on Flickr

The Southeast was no exception to the excitement and saw a multitude of events in Ga, Fl, NC, SC, TN. Campuses and communities alike came together to deliver a message of climate solidarity. We took to the streets in Raleigh and watched 6 of our allies commit Civil disobedience trespassing at Governor Perdue’s Mansion to send a message against the Cliffside Coal plant.

In South Carolina Students at Clemson stood with Farmers to support local and sustainable agriculture and at Winthrop they Marched in the Streets with the community. In Florida over 200 students and youth attended the Florida Power Shift Conference.  Everywhere the theme was clear. We want a future that will create healthy jobs and a stable climate, and we stand strong in our insistence that this is something we cannot delay

This is a link to video on our Raleigh event last week-end. It’s going to our Senators, energy leaders, and President.  Help us spread the message that citizens want a stable future.

FLPSOver 200 young people from all over Florida gathered at University of Central Florida October 24-25 for workshops, action, and excitement.  Attendees representing 16 campuses and multiple community groups gathered together on the 350 International Day of Climate Action to send strong messages about what Florida needs for climate safety and energy security. Along with the creative visual image, attendees shared stories of what they are accomplishing on the ground, challenging their absent legislators to step up on bold climate legislation.  Making plans to push forward on their Renewable Energy Fund Initiative and anti-nuclear campaigns, these folks are geared and ready to work for a safe and sustainable energy future for Florida.

Soldiers350A note to Climate ‘Naysayers’ and those not with us on the cause. I want to present a criitcal piece of fact.  Regardless of your opinion or understanding on the climate issues be aware that we must collectively work to re-build our economy and must do things in smarter and more efficient ways. The business as usual way of operating has so many flaws and we are attempting to  create good local jobs, make our businesses, communities, and energy sources as  efficient as they should be. Waste and excess spending hurts everyone, the consumer, the producer, and yes the planet. And regardless your opinion on Global Climate Change we must collectively unite under the flag of sensibility. We must break free from our small world views and realize that people are having to be moved from Coastal areas every year due to rising sea levels and increased storm intensity.

Doing things better because that is what makes the most sense for modern times, Coal is not projected to be viable by 2050 as a base load energy resource so we need to transition now! Further more if the people of this country knew of the true injustices surrounding coal mining and mountain top removal, there would be a huge ground swell of people opposing coal. There are multiple communities of people in our country treated like third class citizens and if it wasn’t for the increasing level of special interest guided mis-direction we would see that our fellow Americans are suffering immensely. The good news is we can prevent it, simply by doing things better. Coal costs the United States over 3.8 billion dollars in health care costs annually. So you want reformed health care- start with the root of the problem!


So in the spirit of progress, and in support of the hundreds of millions across the world devoted to making this world a better place for everyone lets please not let 350 live in the history books, but rather in our hearts as a day that stood for our collective voice reaching out to each other saying “You are not alone, We are here and we are ready for action”.

Some coming Coal related events here in the South to get plugged into can be found at: Georgians for Smart Energy

In the words of the Youth Climate Delegation going to Copenhagen “Survival is non-negotiable”!

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Are You Hearing This, EPD? SEN and Bonnie Raitt Rock Out Against Nukes

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  • 1. Frank Talk  |  November 4, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    OK, can someone answer this questions for me. As I understand it, the current concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 386 ppm. That is a very small percentage, but you contend that even at that concentration CO2 is so powerful a greenhouse gas that it is already affecting the global climate. Getting CO2 levels back to 350 ppm would be a reduction of just over 10%. So are you saying that although CO2 is so powerful that its current trace percentage in the atmosphere is causing global effects, reducing it a mere 10% will avert global calamity? Do I understand this correctly?

  • 2. R Margolis  |  November 5, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    From what I have read and also the IPCC reports, we need to stay below 450 ppm as the sediment core data shows that serious changes occur above 500 ppm. The value of 350 ppm comes from the climate movement and is a controversial number.

    What the scientific community agrees on is that CO2 and other gases affect the climate and that these gases need to be controlled. The IPCC offers an array of options (topsoil management, more renewables, carbon sequestration, nuclear, etc.) to improve the carbon situation. My opinion (for what it is worth) is that the issue has become overpoliticized by agendas that are trying to piggyback additional social/economic changes onto the carbon issue.


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