Carolinas Power Shift brings 350+ to action!

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CPS betty

” You are the change the world is waiting for!” This is a quote from 87 yr. young anti-coal activist Betty Robinson at the Call for Action session of Carolinas Powershift 2009. Her speech brought many of us to tears! You could physically feel the torch being passed from the old to the young! Once again, Powershift has stepped up the challenge to our society and it’s leaders: Are we going to save this planet? Are we going to let a handful of confused and scared greedmongers dictate our future? The answer is a resounding” NO!!!”

rio CPSWe answer with hope ,love, understanding, courage and a united message, “This is our future, This is our time!” – Joelle Moore , Phd candidate in Conflict resolution. Throughout the weekend you could hear a resounding “YES!!!” to clean energy, green jobs and a sustainable society. These folks understand that we are at a crossroads , and are ready to take the wheel of leadership! They understand the challenges and tasks ahead and are ready to spread the word,create the change and take the action neccasary for our collective survival!

The Carolinas Power Shift summit hosted at UNC Chapel Hill last weekend brought more than 350 students, youth, community leaders, faculty, non-profit representatives, advocates and veteran activists from across the Southeast together to share ideas, insights, information and inspiration, in order to strenghten the movement for just and effective actions to address climate change and create an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable future.  With outstanding keynote speakers, opportunities to network with a wide variety of individuals working for progressive environmental and social causes and intimate, in-depth workshops throughout the weekend, several young participants described the experience as life-changing.

cps crowd C2AThrough numerous discussions on topics ranging from the effects of coal and nuclear power on our health and environment, to the opportunities and controversies associated with biopower, to running for local elected office, to non-violent communication, to biosecurity and bees, to working through the media and building coalitions, attendees developed their skills and gained a higher level of understanding of the complex problems that we face when working for an environmentally and socially just world powered by clean, renewable sources of energy. CPS Rhys

Young leaders who attended the Carolinas Power Shift summit have committed to many actions in the near future to expand the movement for a strong federal climate and energy bill and a bold international treaty to address the effects of climate change and environmental degradation worldwide, including working for reduced greenhouse gas emissions on campus and in their communities and visits to the offices of their elected representatives.

CPS maryEmpowered with new information to affect personal behaviors and implement incentive structures and policies that can transform our society, the amazing individuals working to support the Power Shift movement hold the promise of a better world in their hands…  and in their minds.

Very Special thanks to all who participated in your many rolls. Extra thanks to our Sponsors, contributors, and young people who want to see a future that is determined to succeed.

* Blog content provided by Mike Cherin (EAC) and Carly Queen (NWF)


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Power Shift Carolinas is here! Are You Hearing This, EPD?

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