Duke wants HUGE rate hike for another Global Warming Machine

September 4, 2009 at 8:23 pm Leave a comment

If you keep up with the news you may have noticed that young people and climate coalitions have been kicking butt and taking names on the fight to end coal. Case in point: the cancellation of Pee Dee Coal Plant. Santee Cooper, the state-owned utility behind the proposed 660-megawatt plant decided to cancel its construction making it the 101st coal plant to bite the dust since 2003. We have the youth climate movement and other grassroots efforts in South Carolina to thank.

Unfortunately, we’ve got a different situation on our hands in North Carolina. Duke Energy is planning the construction of a new coal-burning (and highly contested) power plant at Cliffside, in Rutherford County. And guess who they’re hoping will foot the bill? You. (That is, if you’re a taxpayer in North Carolina).

Awesome ActivistsThe North Carolina Utilities Commission has announced it will soon hold a series of six public hearings throughout the state starting in mid-September to act on Duke Energy’s request for an increase in rates to pay for the plant. Perhaps Duke should take a look at the recent Santee Cooper Rate Payer hearing in South Carolina where a 2% proposed rate hike to build an unnecessary plant on the Pee Dee River inspired 33 people from all over the state to unanimously speak out in opposition of the plant.

See August 25th Santee Cooper post on https://southeastenergy.wordpress.com/ for details.

We can stop Duke Energy from increasing their electric rates by 18% to build a needless coal-burning power plant/global warming machine, but it’s going to take a groundswell of public outcry from you. We need to upset the business-as-usual politics that has allowed the utility industry to control profit-over-people energy policy at the expense of public health and the environment by showing up to those hearings and telling the commission what we want: clean energy and no more coal.

awesome activistThink back to April and the Stop Cliffside Rally in Charlotte where over 400 people came out to protest the Cliffside coal plant at Duke’s headquarters. Despite vociferous opposition, Duke Energy continues to threaten the livelihood of Carolina’s citizens and environment.

North Carolina is capable of being a leader in the clean energy sector and energy efficiency, the most effective ways to slow global warming. If Duke Energy builds more coal and nuclear plants, we’ll have more pollution, more climate disruption, and power bills will keep rising for decades to come.

Because empowerment is equally as important as mobilization, there will be training sessions held in conjunction with the coming rate hearings as well to continue to foster informed and ready activists in NC.

Please attend the local hearing in your area and spread the word. See stopcliffside.org for details.

Hearing Dates and Times

–Charlotte Sept. 9

–Durham, Sept. 10, 7pm

–High Point Sept. 15

–Marion Sept. 17

–Franklin Sept. 22

Help by attending and spreading the word!


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