Santee Cooper Board cancels Pee Dee coal plant!!!

August 25, 2009 at 5:01 pm 3 comments

Weeks after students, business leaders and community members voiced their dissent at a Santee Cooper Board of Directors meeting, the Santee Cooper Board has voted unanimously “to suspend efforts to permit and develop the Pee Dee coal plant”! This is also thanks to the hundreds of youth and community members which turned out to public utility hike hearings and anti Coal rallies over the past months. So in short: WE did it!

santee action

Its important to recognize the level of involvement of South Carolina youth climate activists and the “SC Says No Coal coalition as this would not have been possible without our individual and collective efforts.

Among the principal reasons cited for the cancellation were: The impact of economic recession, pending climate change legislation, a possible national renewable energy standard; fluctuations in financial markets; and the timing and cost of future generation.

In other words, all of the reasons we’ve been citing for the last two years. Great work everyone! You can read the supporting news article HERE

This is awesome… but the fight is not over yet. Duke Energy is soon to hold a series of rate hearings on a 13% rate payer increase, super_cooperto build the new and highly contested Coal fired unit at Cliffside. Duke and its employees are armed with lots of mis-information and clout in trying to influence this critical decision. Worse yet, many of South Carolina’s Energy Co-operatives are now looking to Duke Energy for their power. This new interest will likely be Duke Energy’s justification to build the highly contested Cliffside Coal Plant in Rutherford County, NC.

Stopping one out of two coal plants isn’t bad, but we cannot let this unnecessary “global warming machine” be built and we are not playing a game of climate compromise. We need real solutions!

Please help support our collaborative efforts to stop the Cliffside Coal plan efforts by finding a rate payer hearing near you and coming out to show your support! You can find times, dates, location and contact info for the rate hearings HERE

santee pic bod mtgIts great that this dirty coal plant has been defeated and thanks to all who helped support the battle! However, South Carolina is still “down stream” and the Cliffside plant will in fact emit enough Carbon and Mercury to offset most any efficiency efforts that we could accomplish while continuing to pollute rivers, streams, and waterways in both the Carolinas

If Duke Energy gets its coal plant, and we don’t stand up and fight, our Carolina’s communities and co-ops will continue to be powered by polluting energy. We have to pay attention to the debate now more than ever and act in accordance to the reality of the situation. Lets stop this plant before Mountain Top Removal coal will continue to flow from the Appalachians and into our air and water.

If you live in South Carolina Please contact the Board members or write letters to the local newspaper to tell these men and women on the board that you thank and applaud them for protecting the health of our people, economy, and environment

Big shout out and applause to all who did the work around this decision.This decision to cancel a coal plant makes it the 101st defeated coal plant in the U.S. since 2001!

no coal picrate hearing santee cooper


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