Fired Up Freshwoman Tells the Florida Municipal Electric Association to SAY NO to Nukes in Florida

July 20, 2009 at 8:04 pm 2 comments

Submitted by Meghan Ryan, entering Freshperson at University of Central Florida:

Ever since Power Shift in February, it seems like I get daily reminders to do something about the environment, to get involved, and to get out of my comfort zone already! When I saw a posted opportunity for Lake Worth residents to get out there and be heard on nuclear issues, I knew I finally needed to get my act together and hit the ground running. I replyed to the post, and got more details about the meeting. Even though I showed interest in making a statement, I was secretly very nervous and very excited for the opportunity! Over the past week, I researched Nuclear power and related arguments so I could write a proper comment that would be effective and would relate to the board members of the Florida Municipal Energy Authority. With support from SEN and guidance on everything from what points to hit on and what to wear, I was ready to go!

The night before, I read over my comment, tweaked it, and finally put it away at midnight so I could get some sleep. I woke up at 8 in the morning to look over my comment one more time, print it out, eat some breakfast, and head up to the PGA Resort where the meeting was being held. I got there a few minutes early and, as I walked up to the ballroom, read my comment out loud again. A valet guy noticed and made a comment that made me laugh, so my nerves eased up a bit.

Within moments of entering the ballroom, I met Panagioti, an Earth First! activist from Lake Worth, as well as Cara Jennings, a Lake Worth City Council Member. Then three more girls from the Earth First Organization arrived. We all represented different interests, but were all speaking out against Nuclear power in Florida. I think it looks good that many people, young and old, activists and decision makers, are concerned about what is going on with Nuclear.

Some final edits to my comment and it was finally time for the meeting to start. Right before it was my turn to speak I was so nervous, but I knew I had to bite the bullet and get up there and speak about something I care about.

“Over the next two months, I encourage you all to do the responsible thing, and reseach Nuclear power, and the alternatives. You all here today have the power to do something great by Saying No to Nukes. The future of my generation and our potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions lies in your vote against building new nuclear plants. We need to make way for green renewable energy solutions and I think you all are going to be the people to do something about it. It starts today, so please go home and do your research, learn about the alternatives, and Say No to Nukes! “

Once I was done speaking, I sat down and started thinking, “This is just the beginning.” I’m so excited to move up to Orlando and attend UCF! Go Knights! But I am also excited to get very involved and do more with the issue of the new nuclear reactors proposed in Florida. I’m also excited to get the word out to my friends and whoever I happen to meet about how vital it is to be aware of the environmental movement and to get on board! I hope more people who are nervous about getting involved just jump in there and get excited, get pumped, do whatever you have to do, and get involved! I had so much fun and I can’t wait for what the future has planned for me!

For more information, see the Florida Municipal Electric Association
Also, see Regress Energy to get the facts on rate increases in Florida.
Want more on Levy County and Progress Energy? Levy County Fact Sheet


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  • 1. Bobette  |  July 20, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    You rock Meghan! Thanks for going – and thanks for sharing your voice. It matters!

  • 2. Helen  |  July 23, 2009 at 2:21 am

    You go Meghan, I was not even aware of the situation. Shame on me! Thanks for you interest.


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