Community members take back the dialogue!

April 20, 2009 at 7:18 pm Leave a comment

If you just read the newspaper articles coming through The State paper in Columbia, you’d believe the rose colored pictures of a community opening it’s arms to welcome South Carolina Electric & Gas and their proposal to build two more (with one existing) nuclear reactors in the Jenkinsville, SC community.  You wouldn’t know that many living in the shadow of VC Summer Unit One have been organizing themselves to stop any dreamed of expansion.  But at a meeting hosted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, community leader and organizer Tangee Jacobs stole the show and had NRC and SCE&G representatives listening to her concerns and her questions.  And they weren’t the only ones.  The State paper finally reported the reality of a community frustrated by the patronization and appeasement tactics of regulatory bodies that aren’t listening.  But the frustrations are deeper.  The first nuclear reactor came into Jenkinsville 25 years ago, back when there was a grocery store and a handful of other local businesses.   Now Jenkinsville has nothing except higher than expected cancer mortality rates and a devastated environment, but they’re going to make sure that they don’t lose even more of their community to a greedy utility and an archaic energy technology.  To get more involved in supporting the community’s efforts to fight back, email Sara Tansey at  And check out the great article in The State featuring Miss Tangee Jacobs.


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