Raleigh Rally leaves Jim Rogers that much more of a hypocrite

April 15, 2009 at 7:24 pm Leave a comment

*Content Provided by Pete MacDowell of NCWARN, Russ Anderson of Southern Energy Network, and John Dean of Greenpeace.

Members of NCWARN, Interfaith Power & Light, Croatan Earth First!, Mountain Justice, Southern Energy Network, students from Duke U. and Greenpeace protested Jim Rogers’s speech at the Sustainable Energy Conference yesterday. Some may wonder why we held a rally at a Sustainability conference. We’ll the answer to that is easy, because they asked one of the biggest hypocrites and greenwashers in the country to speak at it!!! This was one of multiple acitons that have been and are being coordinated across the state in opposition to Duke Energy’s expansion of the Cliffside plant, Jim Rogers incessant green washing, and student/youth/community outcry at the false solutions to real problems!


The action worked very well indeed to steal the show from Rogers. Many thanks to our great crew of folks from Southern Energy Network, Greenpeace, Croatan Earth First, Interfaith Power and Light, and NC WARN – and thanks to SACE for the power plant and Mark Marcoplos for the generator.

Rogers had the temerity to give essentially his same “cathedral thinking” speech (we have lots of time) that he gave in the same place a year ago. We have to keep bird dogging him and exposing the phony greenscamming. Many people understand “phony” and hypocrisy at a gut level and then try to understand the specifics about coal and climate change.

Check out and send viral this youtube clip supporitng the Charlotte, NC stop Cliffside action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8JuWYDJA7Y

If you are interested in attending the massive demonstration in Charlotte please read more and RSVP at: http://www.Stopcliffside.org

NEWS FLASH: Duke’s Stockholders’ Meeting will be May 7th (a Thursday) at
their HQ in Charlotte. That presents a great opportunity for a follow up
action after April 20th. Let’s start planning.


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