Challenging Radioactive “Greens”

October 10, 2008 at 1:58 pm 1 comment

Today, the South Carolina nuclear complex was treated to an obscenely dignified luncheon with former EPA head and recent co-founder of the Clean and Safe Energy coalition, Christine Todd Whitman.  Whitman has been traveling the southeast preaching her reformed gospel of nuclear power and receiving audiences as captive and convinced as those of the old open tent revivals.  Instead of haunting her audiences with fire and brimstone, though, Whitman threatens rolling brownouts or, even worse, blackouts. Obviously if we want to address climate change and continue to provide energy for a world addicted to their ipods and cell phones (a consumption pattern that Whitman wouldn’t dare to challenge), we need nuclear power.

Sitting at the top of the world, eating the catered lunch and bantering with the woman next to me about how beautiful the view was, I became anxious.  Whitman’s messaging was all right: we need to address climate change, we need to protect our environment and our people, we need to challenge American ingenuity and act now.  But her solution is false, empty and devastating.  The climate around nuclear power is shifting to one of greater acceptance but the realities remain same.  Nuclear reactors are hugely expensive projects which ratepayers and taxpayers will fund, the reactors require massive amounts of water to cool, thus straining our draught impacted waterways, and nuclear power is devastating to the communities that mine the uranium, that produce the power and that live with the waste.  It’s a lifecycle of destruction and the only winners are those pocketing the profits.

So as Ms. Whitman dodged answering my question, I was reminded that it must be the respoinsibility of the youth climate movement to answer the pro-nuke propoganda being fed our country and support the real, healthy, just solutions for energy that demand the talent and ingenuity of America without compromising our future.  As others hesitate, we must lead!


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