Green Fee in FL=Clean Energy+Green Jobs!

October 1, 2008 at 4:36 pm Leave a comment

Florida Takes the Green Fee to the Next Level  by Mandy Hancock

Students across Florida have been campaigning on their campuses for 2 years to get a “Green Fee” that will create a budget to increase efficiency and invest in renewable energy technologies on campus. This is their way of telling their administrators and legislators that they are serious about clean, safe energy and if the leaders won’t lead, the students will!

Several campuses have passed a student referendum: UF, UCF, FSU, and New College. And University of Florida just won a great victory when the Board of Trustees (BOT) gave their overwhelming support of the initiative!  New College has also passed through their BOT and Florida State University is presenting to their BOT this November.

The campus campaigns are amazing and there are campuses around the state that are joining in and kicking off campaigns on their campuses this Fall, including University of South Florida, Florida International University, and Florida Atlantic University. That means all of the large institutions in the state are joining in!

But, we are not stopping there! We are in process of pulling together state legislation to present at the Spring Legislative Session. We are seeking legislative sponsorship and are in communication with the offices of 3 senators, two of which are already supportive. We aim to have at least one sign on by the end of October, with two more by the end of the year.

The legislative push is to create the infrastructure that will be needed to implement the fees. We hope to add 2 more supporting institutions to the list by the end of the year, and will continue to support the effort of students around the state who are fighting for a clean energy future and providing solid solutions to their administration on how to get there.

Simultaneously, we are running the Power Vote campaign across the state, garnering support from tens of thousands of youth voters who are pledging that climate and energy are two factors they are considering when placing their vote, joining in the movement that is building to a million!! What a great way to reinforce the fact that the youth are calling for action now and are offering solutions to the climate crisis, as well as our increasingly unstable economic situation. And the Green Fee is one of those solutions!


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