Florida Organizations Unite to urge Gov. Crist to say No to Nuclear

September 29, 2008 at 1:10 pm Leave a comment

With a new Energy Bill slated to be signed by Florida’s Governor Crist, grassroots organizations from all over the state came together this week to sign a letter urging Governor Crist to take a stance against nuclear energy. Currently, nuclear is being hailed as the answer to Florida’s energy needs since there is a moratorium on new coal plants in the state. However, the folks in Florida see it as a false solution with serious side effects that would be detrimental to the economy, environment, and security of this state and well beyond. (**Consider this: Nuclear Power + Hurricanes…this can NOT be good!)

I was so excited to see, a mere 24 hours after the letter went circulating around the network, there were nearly 20 organizations signed on. Some of the organizations to step up and use their voice to express their concerns to the Governor are: Florida League of Conservation Voters, Florida Consumer Action Network, Greenpeace, Southern Energy Network, Nuclear Information Resource Service, Save It Now Glades!, Nuclear Watch South, We the People, chapters of the Sierra Club, Faiths United for Sustainable Energy, among several other local groups. Although this letter will be submitted to Crist this week, efforts will continue to build a larger, stronger coalition to fight nuclear and pressure Crist to take decisive action against the expansion of this toxic energy source.

So, watch out Florida! There is a new campaign in town, and an organized group of folks from all over the state are coming together to fight against false solutions like nuclear while fighting for green jobs and renewable energies!!

To be added to the No Nuke Florida mailing list, please contact:

Mandy Hancock

FL Campus Coordinator, SEN



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